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2011 First Quarter Review

Looking back to the past few months, I could say 2011 is off to a good start.

January – I passed my post-partum checkup with flying colors, had a summer day in winter that allowed us to head off to the beach, and I reached the finish line with my US citizenship naturalization. One requirement down, 10 more to go.

February – Valentine’s day was made special by my hubby (and my Milo) giving me and my mom flowers, and my 32nd birthday was stress-free with hubby cooking for me, complete with yummy cake for dessert. And my son didn’t even throw a single tantrum on that day – what a birthday gift! We also went on a 5-day trip to San Francisco by train. The whole trip was an experience to remember.

March – San Diego was the destination this time. We stayed overnight one weekend to visit the zoo and the San Diego Safari Park (also previously known as the Wild Animal Park). The most special highlight of this month is my new baby’s baptism, even if it rained with howling winds all throughout the day. We planned a joint party for him and Milo’s 3rd birthday, but decided to postpone it to April when the sun is sure to shine. That was a good decision indeed. On Milo’s exact birthday, we had a nice family dinner at Chuck E Cheese. It was our first time there, and we’re definitely going back, because Milo had so much fun! Pictures don’t do his enjoyment justice.

The first quarter of the year is over, all with great memories (and gorgeous pictures!). My mom is leaving us in a week, after living with us for 5 months. We will miss her immensely, and I am honestly terrified of being alone with two kids with absolutely no help.

Despite that, I am hopeful that the rest of the year will bring us good times, especially with our plans of coming home in November, celebrating weddings, birthdays, and just being with family.

I think 2011 will be our year.

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Thank You, Cows

I watched an old Oprah episode about veganism today. They showed how the cows got from the fields to the packages we see in the grocery store. The slaughter house scenes were quite graphic, and I felt so sorry for the cows. Though that didn’t turn me into a vegan (I don’t think I ever will – I like meat too much), I do appreciate what they give to feed me, now more than ever. Thank you, cattle, for my meal today. I will be forever be grateful.



Movie in My Mind

I spent a while this morning chatting with my mom about her and my dad’s childhood. How I would love to go back in time and see the highlight of their lives (and my aunts’ and uncles’) play like a movie.

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Happy Birthday Indeed

Started my day with God – 30 minutes of alone time with Him. Nino on leave, cooked for me and mama all day. Had special steak dinner with cake and happy birthday song. Love how my birthday was remembered in 2 time zones. Milo’s first time in the bath – shower with dad – that he enjoyed again. Thanks for the great birthday gift, Lord.




Got a visit from a friend today who saw my 2-month-old for the first time. She has an infant herself, now 4 months old, and just like she is, started comparing her son to mine and bragging about how hers grew 6 inches in 4 months. She also commented, “wow, your baby is so tiny! I don’t ever recall my son being that small.” To that, I replied, “oh yes he was, he didn’t get out of you in that size.”




I love birthdays. Got a nice surprise from hubby today. He bought me and my mom orchids for our valentine flowers, and my little Milo handed me potted flowers, too. Family also came over to see my auntie from Texas off to the Philippines, and to celebrate my birthday. Milo was so excited to have company and surprised everyone, being the most talkative we’ve ever seen him be.

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Not Quite V-day

Happy pre-valentines day! Ever since hubby and been together (all 12 years of it since we were bf-gf) we were never ones to celebrate V day with the rest of the world. Crowds and traffic aren’t our thing. So, just like usual, we had our V day celebration a couple days before, this time with my two kids and my mom at PF Chang’s. It was nice and peaceful – no tantrums from the toddler or wails from the baby. Happy pre-V day indeed.

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Losing It

I spanked my son for the first time today. It was at bath time, as he was wailing, screaming and stomping in the tub. Straight on his wet bum, no diapers. It got red and I felt super guilty and even more upset that I hit myself on the thigh too. I hit myself so hard my hand made a red mark. Guilty.

Where has my sweet baby gone? His tantrums have been unbearable for the past months that I literally am starting to lose my hair – I found a bald spot on my head where my alopecia used to be. My doctor said causes of alopecia are unknown, but one common denominator among those with this condition is STRESS. Hmm, I wonder where my stress is coming from. I hope this phase passes before I lose all my hair.



Cool Timer

I saw this super cool contraption from one of my good friends while we were both pregnant, she with her first baby, me with my second. I think it’s one of the coolest gadgets any mom could have.

The ITZBEEN is a timer that records your baby’s last diaper change, feeding or nap, and reminds you of your next one. It has a 4th button for anything else you may need a reminder or a timer for.

Its name couldn’t have fit it any better, because it will tell you that “it’s been x hours y minutes since your last ___.” It’s a great thing to have, considering how many other things I have to think about and remember. Too bad I didn’t get to think about this first. This I highly recommend.